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It has been noticed that there seems to be a growing number of conservatory roofing companies suggesting that the replacement tiled conservatory roofs that they are providing have been pre-certified as per Local Area Building Control (L.A.B.C.) Regulations.

It stands to reason that any structure that would need to comply with Building Control Regulations should always be inspected after the work is completed, Tiled Conservatory Roofing included. Therefore it is quite alarming that any company would suggest anything otherwise.


Local Area Building Control Regulations will always take into account the support and insulation of existing walls, the underfloor insulation and the glazed area of a structure after any work is carried out. This adds support to the point that pre-certifying a Tiled Conservatory Roof should not be happening.


The truth is this, a conservatory is not usually classed as part of your home and thus would not normally come under the same scrutiny as an extension for instance. In all known cases where there is an adequately insulated adjoining door between your home and your conservatory the structure would be exempt from Local Area Building Control Regulations criteria.


This is where the confusion occurs as 90% of conservatories in the United Kingdom would not even need any certification. So it shouldn’t be necessary for any company to suggest that the Tiled Conservatory Roofing that they provide is pre-certified.


I believe that I speak on behalf of everyone in the country who have children. I would NOT let them play anywhere near a building that hasn’t been correctly strengthened before additional weight to the roof is added, let alone inside it.


I am sure you will agree the extreme importance that a thorough inspection of your conservatory you carried out before even thinking about installing a Tiled Conservatory Roof. Luckily for you if you live in the North West, we will happily carry out your inspection for free.


Local Area Building Control Regulations are necessary in cases where there is not an adequately insulated adjoining door between your home and your conservatory. This is because the structure is in fact now classed as an extension of the main building and not as a conservatory anymore. All conservatories in this scenario have to comply with full building control regulations and therefore it would be impossible to pre-certify a Tiled Conservatory Roof here too.


A an alleged pre-certified Tiled Conservatory Roof would fail if inspected afterwards due to the lack of insulation provided by the glazed area, the flooring and walls.


It isn’t all bad news though as there are a few ways around this:


  1. We could install an adequately insulated door between the conservatory and your home.
  2. We could apply insulation improvements to other areas of your home in order to offset the thermal loss of your extension.
  3. We could completely rebuild your conservatory to fully comply with Local Area Building Regulations guidelines.


In mystery shopping tests it has come to light that none of the companies that were tested that promised pre-certified Tiled Conservatory Roofs mentioned anything about improving the structure of the existing window frames in the conservatory. This would be necessary in a lot of cases in order to support the additional weight of a Tiled Conservatory Roof Conversion.


This is an important safety aspect to consider but also If the additional support was not added it could cause problems for you further down the line if the sale of your home any further improvements were to require a Local Area Building Control inspection.


This was a big worry to a lot of consumers and the main reason why a lot of people who had first thought about having a Tiled Conservatory Roof didn’t follow through with their original plans.


We are proud to say that every conservatory that we fit a Tiled Roof to, is thoroughly assessed taking into account the effects snow and wind load. Where needed, a simple reinforcement is added to the framework giving more than adequate support to your new Tiled Conservatory Roof. We are currently offering insulation upgrades to all Tiled Conservatory Roofs costing over £3000 which provides a far superior thermal efficiency.


Finally one of our most recent Tiled Conservatory Roof installations was carried in the Formby area. The Conservatory did not have an adjoining door and was inspected by Sefton Council L.A.B.C after our work was carried out. This work was passed on the grounds that it is now more structurally sound and more thermally efficient than it ever was before. Hope this helps you in your decision to choose the Best Tiled Conservatory Roofing in the North West.



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